About Us

Kefi Outdoors began as a brainchild of both of these partners. Their passion for travelling especially in mountains got them together to start making affordable products for Hiking & Camping.
Rahul, a food technologist by profession with a MBA in retail, yet he has been always connected to nature and outdoors since his early childhood. His last professional stint before starting this brand was with Coleman USA, a 120+ year old globally renowned Camping Equipment giant. From there the connection deepened and then the foundation Kefi Outdoors was laid.
Sumegha, a Textile and Apparel Designer by education from NIFT & NID, with experience of over 10 Years in designing, buying and merchandising. A passionate traveller by herself and a keen nature lover, has been exploring mountains and varied landscapes since her college days. A young mother of two wishes to expose her kids to nature as much as she can to make them aware and responsible.

Our Story:

Kefi Outdoors began as just an idea. An idea which intended to let people experience outdoors in its truest form and enjoy the same with the ultimate comfort. No matter the person, no matter the place or No matter the time anyone or everyone should be able to derive pleasure while moving to Outdoors. We started small and have now grown, determined to build a culture, world and product that would allow everyone to revel in the beauty and magic of outdoors.

We are fairly new setup started back in 2016, but being new may mean we are less in experience but we are definitely more focused, passion driven and motivated. We are here to create experiences and help each and every one of you out there who wish to move outdoors and with the luxury and comfort of their homes. Our products handle your tiny issues of how to live out in the open with all the comfort and let you focus on the major ones like where to make the next move in mountains, which trail to pick next, which hike to go on and whom to take along??

We do business differently than many other companies because we believe in raising a community and aid an upcoming and current generation with the right kind of passion and experience and build relationships on the way which will last a lifetime. We are a brand that people can trust without hesitation and we wish to build upon the same. The outdoor industry is fluid, trendy and ever changing, and we respect that innovation. But when it comes to identity, we believe in staying true to our values and being here over the long haul for our customers and partners.

We are a young passionate couple who began this company to help and aid many and many more like us who are equally and more driven. We are a privately held company based in New Delhi, with a warehouse store and our own 5000 sq ft. Manufacturing space. Do visit us and let us take you to the “CAMPCATION” (camping vacation) you’ve been planning since ever!!!

About Us:

Kefi outdoors is not a company, we are just a couple of outdoor life enthusiast who were no longer happy pretending to work in cubicles. Outdoor lifestyle is not a passion or calling for us, it’s just something inseparable from our very being.

Having spent time outdoors extensively ourselves, we have our gone through our share of trials by rain, fire, heat, snow and mud. But we always found ourselves underprepared and short of availability of proper gear at affordable cost. Hence, KEFI OUTDOORS was born. We are taking baby steps towards adding products, but we are not willing to compromise on the interactions we have with fellow outdoor people.

We make our gear test in live conditions and with real elements and thus all the gears have a story to tell. We take them to the limits just to be sure that they don’t fail if you find yourself in an unexpected and compromising situation. Our main objective is to make right gear at affordable cost. All our products are proudly “Made in Bharat”.